My name is Dario Carella and I'm a computer scientist with the attitude to visual design. With my skills I can help my customers to improve their product idea and make it lovable, widely accessible and easy to use.

As for my career, I worked with amazing brands like Enjinia, Beapp, Naples Science Centre, IUDAV, Figmenta, DotIt, Smartdocu, Dew Studio, London Easy Consulting...

Creation is also part of my daily life. In my free time I love to create digital stuffs starting from a simple idea and build it up through several design and development processes.

I'm costantly improving my skills


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With Arrray you can create sets of open data accessible instantly in JSON format through an HTTP API.

Create an Arrray. Share it to your friends. Catch it easily into your applications.


Snake.js is a module written in vanilla javascript that lets you create your custom snake game.

It's very easy to use: create a Board, register snake(s) to it and play. You read that right! Multiplayer snake game are welcome with no extra coding.

You can use it to create a complex web game, or simply putting into your portfolio an enjoying easter egg.

View snake.js in action


Are you searching good quality photos that you can use as you want for your projects for free?

Try Sweerl, a collection of royality free photos found on the web or uploaded directly by great photographers. Everyone can improve indexing tagging any photos, just as their feels.

Actually Sweerl is in closed beta, if you are interested in contributing to the project, please contact me.

Some Dribbble shots


Rendezvous (/ˈɹɑndəˌvu/) is a collection of minimal customizable widgets for Android. It includes a clock widget and a battery indicator widget, both with minimalist design for your home screen.

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